Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog

Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog

The catalog from Bud Plant arrived recently, and I thought I am overdue to promote it here at the PorPor Books Blog. 

Bud Plant began his career in 1968 when he partnered with five friends to establish a San Jose, California comic book store called 'Seven Sons Comic Shop'. In the 1980s Plant became the major distributor of comics along the west coast, and began selling comics and books and related materials through his own mail-order company. 

In the days before the internet, if you were a fan of comics and associated media, Bud Plant was one of the few places where you could find such stuff, and receiving the Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog always was cause for due consideration. I began patronizing the Incredible Catalog back in the late 1980s / early 1990s, and I've stayed with it since.

The prices in the Incredible Catalog are competitive with those of amazon, particularly nowadays when more and more bookjackers, dropshippers, and speculators are allowed to sell at amazon despite having approval ratings below the recommended minimum of 93%. 

And, depending on your interests, there are some good bargains to be had in the Incredible Catalog. Plus, the items you purchase from Bud Plant are well-packaged, and much less likely to arrive with bent, folded, or mutilated covers and pages, which can be a major problem with amazon (if an item is 'hurt', the Incredible Catalog explicitly says so).

The Bud Plant website is at . 

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