Wednesday, November 23, 2022

'Stranger' by Shakatak

'Stranger' by Shakatak
Looking through the old singles charts for the UK always is interesting. 

For the last half of November, 1982, at position No. 53 we find the single 'Stranger', from the band Shakatak.

According to their Wikipedia entry, Shakatak was a jazz-fusion band, formed in 1980 by Nigel Wright and Kev Roberts. 'Stranger' was a track on the band's second album, Invitations

'Stranger' is a very listenable song, a well-composed jazz / disco fusion number with silky smooth guitar and piano motifs

Shakatak continues to record and release, issuing the studio album In the Blue Zone in 2019, and the live album Live in Lockdown in 2021.  

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