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National Lampoon March 1976

National Lampoon
March 1976

It's March, 1976, and the number-one song on the Billboard Hot 100 is 'December 1963 (Oh What A Night)' by the Four Seasons, and the latest issue of National Lampoon is on the stands.

The advertising sees continued representation of Hereford's 'Cows' beverages. These seem to be a kind of alcoholic milkshake ?! (I've never had one).
Grand Funk, now known as Grand Funk Railroad, has released a new album, Born to Die.
This issue of the Lampoon takes aim at Nelson Rockefeller. By 1976, Rockefeller was kind of a passe figure to be satirizing, and this can be seen as a sign that the Lampoon staff were getting out of touch on the political front.
Also being advertised is a strange new form of media, 'Fiction Illustrated', something we nowadays call a 'graphic novel'. The advertisement uses the term 'adult comic'. I've never read 'Schlomo Raven', but it was a early project from Byron Preiss, a man who did much to pave the way for the concept of graphic novels.
The color comic presented in this March issue is 'Turtle Farms of South America', which, in my opinion, is not very good.
This cartoon from Sam Gross works better:
Underground comix artist Bobby London provides a 'Dirty Duck' episode:
M. K. Brown contributes a weird 'Mr. Science' comic:
And then we have Gahan Wilson's 'Nuts'.
That's how it was, 47 years ago !

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