Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Paintings by Brad Johannsen

Paintings by Brad Johannsen
from the collection of Mark Suall

In response to one of my postings about the artist Brad Johannsen, who in the 1970s did the book Occupied Spaces, as well as album cover artwork for a number of musicians, Mark Suall contacted me.

He owns a number of original works by Johannsen, and provided me with some jpg files that I have posted below.

Mark Suall's remarks on the paintings:

The oil (i.e., Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.) was produced in 2000. 

The Golda Meir portrait is from the early 70s. 

The Coney Island face was done for me as a favor around 1995. 

The boy with rifle is an altered reproduction of an Avedon photo my band wanted to use. Produced around 1993. 

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