Friday, April 21, 2023

The Time Eater

'The Time Eater'
by Jack Butterworth (story) and Paul Neary (art)
from Galactic Wars Comix (Warren magazines, December 1978)
In the aftermath of the success of Star Wars, James Warren had no problem with taking previously printed material and repackaging it to take advantage of the craze for all things sci-fi. So we have Galactic Wars Comix, a reprint compilation from the end of 1978.

This said, Galactic Wars Comix reprinted 'The Time Eater', which first appeared in Vampirella No. 40 (March 1975). 'The Time Eater' has a rather far-out plot (pass the roach clip, please......), but it's the artwork by Paul Neary that really makes this piece memorable. It's unfortunate that the magazine printing process used by Warren really was inadequate to properly display what Neary was trying to do with his intricate Zip-A-Tone and oil painting.

Indeed, in just one panel, Neary uses something like three or four different Zip-A-Tone patterns.....for the woman's hair and clothing, he overlaid one pattern over another. It must have taken him day(s) of X-acto knife cutting and pasting to assemble this panel (in those days, there was no Photoshop).

'The Time Eater' was scanned and posted to the internet in 2011 at the 'Diversions of the Groovy Kind' blog. I've gone and scanned my own copy of Galactic Wars Comix at 300 dpi and fiddled with the contrast  to hopefully provide a bit better presentation........

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